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Internet Marketing

Drive traffic to your website with Internet Marketing services from Business Sundry.
Simple and low cost monthly services to maintain and mark your website and business online. 
Onsite content development and individual page optimization. 
Each page requires carefull analysis of the verbiage for the most balance use of keywords and context. 
The pictures and the links on the page must have alt and title tags for ad
Offsite satellite sites, like landing pages, on other networks with simple keyword and links back to the primary website. 
Social network profiles with consistent themes/branding and complete information. Frequent posts are recommended.
Use tracking tools and checker tools for broken links and SEO status. 

Website Maintenance

Does your car need an oil change? Do you have to clean the AC filters in yur house? Did you even see a computer run perfectly?

No. Because machine needs maintenace. 

Forget the costs and dozen other backend systems keeping your website running, like dns servers, database systems, at least four to five programming languages, and the fact that Joomla was free. 

These communities of developers need more than donations, the systems need to be updated, improved and administrated. 

WebAgents serve as the specialsts between the deep instrutry knowledge of websites and internets technologies and the masters of all the other industries.


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