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WebSite Development begin upon receipt of the first payment. A basic website with 4-5 pages, homepage slider and a contact form, will cost around 1000$ to build. A more advanced website, with multiple forms and multi-media, willt cost closer to 2000$. WebSite are build using the latest technology.
Joomla is the best CMS and highly recommended. WordPress is managable. WebAgents are well-knowledged in most computer and website systems. The WebAgent should be directing the client on the best CMS for their business goals. Blogger and Google Sites are also free.
The typical website development process starts at the first contact, by referal or marketing. There will be an initial review for compatability and if so, setup a first meeting. Business Sundry is doing business in Orange County, CA with offices in Yorba Linda, Santa Ana and Dana Point.
Upon first payment the client and exisiting media are on-boarded with Business Sundry and the new website development begins. Content is gathered, sorted, reporpused, or creatively produced as required. The content is added and coded into the website. Menus and modules are added to complete the handcrafted website. 
The client reviews the new website on a development link and the website is finalized. Basic search engine optimization is added to the website prior to launch. After the website is launch and online, the post-launch tasks are completed and the new webiste is reviewed again. 
A meeting is typically scheduled within two after launch to discuss the next requirements. A three month WebAgent service plan is strongly encourged. Websites on an active WebAgent plan get hosting costs and update services included. No service, website hosting only is avaialble for 100$ per year or migrated.
----- FAQs TL;DR -----
How Much does WebSite Development Cost?
800$ to 2400$ one-time payment.
What is the website framework?
Joomla is the best CMS and highly recommended. WordPress is managable. 
Is there a cheaper solution?
Sure, Blogger and Google Sites are Free.
What is the Typical WebSite Development Process?
First Contact, Initial Review, First Meeting
Payment, On-Boarding, Install New WebSite
Build Content, Build Menus, Build Modules
Client Review, Finalization, SEO, Launch
Post-Launch, Final Review, Next Mtg
How Long Does the WebSite Development Require?
Three Months, from first payment to post-launch review.
Can the WebSite be Built Faster?
The cost of expiditing the website development is inversly propotial to the expected timeframe. 

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