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What is a website?

A website is a structure of various sets of code, designed for the Internet, to display associated information, sell products or services, or other application. 
A website usually consists of a series of pages (articles) ortganized under menus. Menus and content are connected with hyper-links or code scripting. Websites can display text, audio, video and other media formats. 

Why do you need a website?

Any person, business or project can use a website. Websites are easy to build and maintain. Access data from anywhere in the world. Show information quickly for friends, family and business, or keep a private pages for your musings. There are little to no applications that would not require a website.

How to build a website? Options...

Website development is a skilled trade. Despite grossly misleading advertizments, creating a website takes more than one dollar and hour. There are pre-development factors like meta-data for the domain names, menu and page titles, and the all important choice of platform. 
Joomla is convincinly the best framework for a website. 
Wordpress is a second-rate blogger from a proprietary company, slapped on top of bootstrap with ridiculously poor navigation, and chaotic after-market. Wix and Weebly are point-n-click builders for wannabies, they`re limited in functions, and on a propietary interface. 
Shopping cart and ecommerce websites are plug-n-play. Magneto is overkill for less than 100,000 products and the content is locked into their system. 
No matter the framework, someone still needs to manage the website!
Building the website involves creating each of the website pages, the menus for the pages, placing modules on the selected positions and pages, and installing any other plugings to make the website work. The website design usually has a base template with preset theme and layouts.  Colors can be refined to match existing logos. The most difficult process in website development is the verbiage and content creation.
Other information assocated with a website include the domain names, the hosting server, the SSL certificate, and the ineviatable updates.   

More Definitions

Website definition, a connected group of pages on the World Wide Web regarded as a single entity, usually maintained by one person or organization and devoted to a single topic or several closely related topics. See more.

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